Save the date : 4th conference : The Audio-Phonatory loop

Dear colleagues and friends,

We warmly invite you to our 4th Conference: “The Audio-Phonatory loop”

Date: Friday the 18 th of October 2024. Location: Brussels. Open doors at 12h30.

Throughout our lives, from the voice to the ear and from the ear to laryngeal emission, these peripheral organs serve as initiation and conclusion points for the auditory-vocal loop. Beyond these peripheral roles, the B-Laryphon Society suggests addressing themes within this loop that are indispensable in our practice of communication medicine:

  • The critical role of central auditory centers and the impact of vocal variations in frequency and rhythm, which facilitate the initiation of communication in very young children and an “awakening” during senescence.
  • The significance of neurocognitive breakthroughs that elucidate the functioning of the auditory-vocal loop, influencing spatiotemporal perception, motor skills, memory, and emotions, all enhanced by musical practice.
  • The conditions necessary for a singing voice to be in tune.
  • Therapeutic resources that remain largely unknown, including in cases of deafness and other neurological and neuromotor pathologies.

The B-Laryphon Society is pleased to share these insights, which rely on the essential organs of the ENT specialty but are crucial for an individual’s potential ongoing evolution and ultimately their “way of being in the world”.

Confirmed speakers : Dr Laurent Demanez (Liège) – Dr Lionel Lejeune (Liège) – Prof. Yohana Levèque (Lyon). Prof. Dr. Karine Martel (Caen and Paris) – Prof. Katrien Neumann (Münster).


  • 120€ for ENT non-members (the membership for B-Laryphon for 30€ is included in this fee).
  • 100€ for non-members (audiologist/speech language therapist/musician…). 90€ for B-Laryphon members of 2024.
  • 60€ for non-medical students (student in audiology/speech therapy… proof by student card is mandatory at arrival).

A pre-registration for the symposium can be done here.

In case of any query, do not hesitate to contact us via

Hope to see you all!

On behalf of the B-Laryphon Bureau: R. Mehta, B. Millet, M. Moerman and S. Van der Vorst.